December 31, 2011

More Spike Progress!

My Onc. Gold Dust is getting closer to blooming! The previous p'bulb also started a new growth.

And finally, my B. Grand Stars '#2'. It is really close to opening, I think maybe within a week or so.

Spike progress!

YAY!!! It won't be long  before I am enjoying blooms!!!

Here is the NoID with buds beginning to show.

Phal. ATL Crossing, just starting to show buds on its fat spike.

Phal. (Tying Shin Cupid x Super Stupid) with its two spikes! My goodness, I am going to have a show with this one!
Here is the new one.

Phal. Mambo

Phalaenopsis speciosa v. christiana. Sigh, this is one absolutely crazy phal! I think in total, it has 15 inflorescences and side spikes. Now, just to get them all to bloom at once. . . .

My Tolumnia is just finishing up its newest lead, which means its time for it to spike! I'm not sure if all Tolumnias do this, but this one starts a new growth, spikes when it is just about to finish the lead, finishes blooming, and then after a very brief rest, starts over again!

December 11, 2011

Spikes galore!

Okay, so here is the rest of what I have in spike, all nice brand new photos taken a few hours ago.

Phal. (Tying Shin Cupid x Super Stupid) I am excited to see this one bloom, as it has grown a lot over the past year, so I should get a great big spike!

Phal. (Sogo Lisa 'OK' HCC/AOS x Haur Jin Princess 'TR' HCC/AOS), which has a HUGE name, has finally been registered as Phal. Pylo's Princess Lisa. It has just the tiniest nubbin of a spike.

Here is the Phal. Mambo.

Phal. ATL Crossing.

Phal. NoID #1.

Here is my little Onc. Gold Dust with its' very first spike!
I was very surprised indeed  to see the shadow of a spike when the plant is so small! I thought it was a new growth for a while, but it is way to skinny to be a new lead, so a spike it is!

And finally, my B. Grand Stars '#2', with its spike growing quickly!

Hehe, I think I have more in spike than I had for 'chids at this time last year.

Some spikes coming along.

WOW!!! I haven't posted anything in a LOONG time! Well, I am going to make up for it. I have a ton in spike right now, so here is just a small sampling. (These two pictures are from a few weeks ago.)

So here is the one spike on my B. Grand Stars '#2'. Unfortunately, the large budded spike it had when I bought it yellowed before blooming, this spike is quickly growing to take its' place. There is one other lead that I am hoping will spike, as it is the lead after the p'bulb that had the first spike.

YAY!!! This Phal. Mambo that I bought from Paramount a while back had a spike on it, but it had sat there doing nothing until it eventually yellowed and died. I am surprised at the finding of a spike because I thought both the parents, Phal. amboinensis and Phal. mannii are summer bloomers, seeing that they are the waxy novelties. But it turns out that the amboinensis is a late winter bloomer, so I guess it makes sense . . .