October 29, 2012

Hello again!

Wow, I'm not sure if many still visit this blog regularly, but I am going to try to start posting here regularly. So much has changed since I last posted it is ridiculous! Not only has my free-stand filled, but I have had to hang chicken wire in it as well as in my closet to fit in all of my orchids! I now have nearly or just over 100 orchids, and my Phal collection has exponentially grown! I have pictures from so long ago that I could share, so I don't know if I should start posting some of the pictures I have on my Photobucket from ages ago, or if I should first start fresh with an account of all that I have and idividual pictures of them, which is quite handy for record keeping. I think for now I can at least post what plants I currently have. I have now updated My Growlist and Most Wanted. Still need a little tweaking to the plant list, as I have to attached some clonal names and clean some other things up, but I am pretty tired, so I'll leave that for later. And as an incentive to check in more often, take a gander at this fancy picture!!!
This is the first bloom of bellina ('Ingrid Ohh' x 'Joy'). Recently I have had the opportunity of getting access to a friend's DSLR, so I have been able to get some nice pictures! I have two others finished and edited that could be posted, and three others sitting on the camera memory card waiting to be edited (by me) and sent to myself so I can post them. (Keep in mind that you might not be seeing accurate colours. The picture I edited on my friends Mac looked identical to what it was in real life: a pinkish magenta. However, on my laptop it appears dark purple near coerulea, and on other computers I have seen it somewhat closer to magenta.)