July 31, 2013


   Well, today is a day off work for me, so I decided to do something productive. I finally decided it was time to do something about the two flasks that I had bought from Ching Hua back in February, which required a lot of prerequisites before actually unflasking and potting the seedlings up. Once again, I am feeling pretty great knowing that I have (hopefully) nothing to fear. Now I hope I can get these seedlings growing before I have some of my own crosses to unflask. More after the break.

July 30, 2013

A Critical Satire.

   So, when I first made this blog, I kinda vowed to myself that I would keep the topics as close to orchid exclusive as possible. For those who actually read everything I ramble out, well, it's obvious I always have a lot to say. So, in lieu of this, I decided to make a second blog on which I plan on commenting on the things in life that happen every day. The common things that may pass many by as unimportant. This will truly be a place to get things off of my chest, but I don't want to exclude any visitors. I hope to make it a place where posted topics create a discussion, and cause people to consider a different viewpoint they may not have before. Without further hesitation, here is my second blog, A Critical Satire. Enjoy and please do share!

July 25, 2013


   Well, it's been a week since Rejuvenation, and I really think this whole process has done a lot of positive for me, more than one would think possible after loosing an entire collection of plants, and after giving the plants and closet another spray today, I'm feeling even better.
   Although I only have a few pictures, Blogger mobile still won't let me post anything that has a picture in it, so while I am typing (most of) this on my phone, I'll have to add the picture via a computer, which means I'll also follow regular suit and include the pictures after the the post break, something I consider good etiquette.

July 17, 2013

Chapter Three: Doomsday and Rejuvenation. . . July 17

   Well, as promised, here is part two of today's blog post, recounting the events of Chapter Two (moving into a new house), and the period of time and the catastrophic event (those that have followed this blog for a while may have a guess at what this catastrophe is and what caused it) that lead to today's Grand Rejuvenation and the start of Chapter Three. (Dear lord, I am dramatic, but I am sure you are all used to that by now). Pictures and story after the break!

Chapter Two: Paradise Lost. . . May 20, 2013

   Well, I don't even know if anyone semi regularly checks here for updates, but if so, I thank you for your dedication. It has been a long time since I have updated last, henceforth you will be receiving two posts today.
   This title seems dramatic, and rightly so. I may have mentioned at some point in the interwebs that we were moving, and as of today that date is long come and gone, but I thought it was a necessary post as a prelude to the next post. More of my drama after the break!