January 22, 2013

01/21/13 Update!

   Wow, I guess it's a little obvious that my plans for a New Year's post fell through, although there is still lots of exciting stuff to talk about, plus another huge, overdue update, which will probably be longer than my last. Actually, after just reviewing the post before my last post, I realise this will be much longer, as I have 15 phone pictures plus some new DSLR pictures! As I alluded to in the past, the teachers did in fact buy a new camera, and the quality of the pictures were quite amazing for only having about 10 minutes to learn it before snapping the pictures!

   I doesn't appear that I've talked about it in the past, so I'll bring this up now. Patrick Adrichem, the owner of Kingfisher Orchids, and the great man who has provided me with a great majority of my Phalaenopsis, now has his own website! As you probably guessed, it's called Kingfisher Orchids. It is still in the working phase, but it will get better as time passes. Currently he has a bunch of info about things such as flasking, stem propping, and preparing media, and he has pictures of several of his own crosses (with one of my pictures in there!), plus many miscellaneous pictures from his greenhouse. Come spring he plans on keeping a much more regularly updated list of what he has for sale, with something special planned for the early spring, something that all Canadian Phal connoisseurs should look forward to! (Since I am so darn talkative, I am his main mouthpiece to the internet, but I'll seal my lips with that little morsel)

   Another great thing is that I am started to get connected with other novelty Phal growers who have some of the same great breeding ideas I do. So, for all of you lucky Canadians, there is potential that I will be regularly receiving stem props and potentially flasks from some friends, so I will be able to grow them out and share a few select seedlings with you! Another exciting thing is that there is great potential that I will soon be moving into colchicine treating my seedlings, hoping to get some great tetraploid novelties to breed with. Depending on how everything works out, one of my currently growing pods could be my first colchicine treated cross. I do plan on treating about 3/4 of each flask with colchicine, and then having the other 1/4 being an untreated, control flask, giving me plants I can be sure are diploid.

   Wow, I sure hope everyone enjoys reading, as I wrote quite a lot before even inserting the page break and getting to the pictures!