November 16, 2016

C. longipes

Last plant to post and then I can start doing updates! This is also a plant that I received from my orchid society friend. I'm glad he was willing to part with a division, as I'm really desperate for more rupicolous type Laelias. This plant is commonly known as Laelia lucasiana, but it is now Cattleya longipes.

Coel. fimbriata

   And the last two plants to be documented. This is a division of Coel. fimbriata that was gifted to me from a different member of my orchid society. The mother plant was mounted, and it had new leads and blooms everywhere. Because this plant has such long rhizomes and wiry roots, I potted my piece in a shallow pot and filled it with and airy mixture. The division I received came with a flower and a bud.

My Phalaenopsis cross!

   And for something a little different, here are my Phalaenopsis seedlings! This is a cross that I pollinated between two Phals I had I think back in 2013. A member of my orchid society flasked it for me, and a long time later I got back the flask. Thankfully I didn't open it for a long time, because if I had opened it the previous time I was growing orchids, I would have lost every single seedling from this cross. Given that this is an unregistered cross between two relatively unknown parents, I'm pretty sure these are the only seedlings of this kind in the world, meaning I'll be able to register it once one has bloomed. I plan on naming it after my grandmother, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to present her with the certificate and an in-bloom plant, as she is on in her years. I bought a little plastic greenhouse that came with a Sunblaster T5, and I guess cause it upped the humidity these seedlings have really taken off.

C. sincorana

   Last plant from the show. On a last minute whim, I decided to ask my friend to pick up a rupicolous type Laelia for me. She managed to pick up a C. sincorana, so I'm hoping it likes its new home and blooms for me soon. Each new p'bulb has been getting slightly larger than the last, so I'm hoping the next one is the one that blooms.

Epi. Panama Ruby

   As I've been planning on doing some breeding within the Laeliinae, not only have I been searching for quality plants, but also plants with unique merit. I'm always looking to create the unusual, so of course I turn my eye to the lesser used Epidendrum and Encyclia. As far as I can tell, this plant has four canes at varying stages of development. I've seen online that the one parent, Epi. medusae grows it's canes to lengths of about 16", whereas Epi. porpax grows canes about 3" long. So we'll see how long mature canes get. It came with it's root ball wrapped in sphagnum, and upon mounting, I realised that there was a small separate piece in with the larger plant.

Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance'

   I mainly wanted this plant to breed with, and it seems like I underestimated how large it was going to be. Unfortunately all of the flowers that were open blasted while this was in the mail, as it was cool when it went. However the flowers did still have some of their fragrance. It has a new lead already in development behind the leading p'bulb, so I'm sure I'll get some new flowers soon enough.

November 15, 2016

Tolu. Jairak Flyer 'Corona'

   My second Tolumnia arrived with a very withered flower, but knowing that these plants have a propensity for sending out branches from the inflorescence, I cut the tip to the next bract. It has sent out a branch and a new inflorescence all together, but that can be saved for an update post.

Tolu. Jairak Rainbow 'Sunspots'

   And I have my pretty Tolumnias again!!! I've always loved this genus and its hybrids, so of course I had to get some given the chance.

Onc. George McMahon 'Fortuna'

   This one is a plant I might lose. When it first arrived, it had a quarter sized spot of soft tissue on the back of it's pseudobulb. I cut it out and covered it with cinnamon, and it hasn't spread, but over the month or so that I've had it, it's continued to lose it's leaves and further shrivel up. There isn't much left to it. I might make an update post on it once I'm done with all the original posts.

Onc. Twinkle 'Ember'

   And now we're on to a different set of plants. This coming set were purchased for me by a friend at the MontrĂ©al show back in October. The first of which is an Onc. Twinkle with a colour combination I haven't really seen before. The downside to that is there doesn't seem to be much of a fragrance compared to other Twinkle cultivars.

November 07, 2016

E. cordigera

   And the fourth plant I picked up from my friend is a near mature sized E. cordigera 'Pink Lip'. It doesn't look like this newest growth is going to bloom, unless I'm mistaken on it's blooming schedule, but I guess we'll see. It also seems to have started a small new lead off of one of the older p'bulbs.

Epi. Lovely Valley

   Another new type for me from my friend. This is a complex reed-stem Epidendrum hybrid that has adorable pink flowers.

Den. kingianum

   And here is another plant that I received from my friend. These two plants came in one pot, but as I was repotting, I found that they were two separate plants. As for the Phrag, this is my first attempt at a Dendrobium.

Phrag. Pink Fire

   After a long hiatus, I started attending my local orchid society in September. I'm glad I've done so, because it's always enjoyable to be surrounded by like minded people. I ended up going to visit with one of the original members I got to know, and I came home with a couple of divisions that she was kind enough to give me. The first of which is my first attempt at Phrags. This plant is a 4n cultivar, so I hope that it is more forgiving.

November 03, 2016

Asctm. miniatum

   And this is the last of the plants I picked up from Forestview. I've always admired this cute and compact plant. Hopefully I can get this to bloom eventually. I also decided to mount it. Even though this is supposed to dry quickly and thoroughly, I feel better using sphagnum in my environment.

November 01, 2016

Onc. Pacific Sunrise 'Hakalau'

   And the final one that I bought from Forest View. This is the plant that got me super interested in Oncidium fuscatum (syn. Miltonia warscewiczii). I would've been able to get one from Ecuagenera, but unfortunately I thought of things past the order deadline. However, it looks like this new lead will be much larger compared to the last. Weird thing is that it's producing new roots, but the lead itself hasn't changed since I bought it a month ago. Hopefully it doesn't sulk for too long.

October 31, 2016

Gom. Alosuka 'Claire'

   This is another plant that I bought from Forest View. I'm not sure when it'll bloom, as people rarely post pictures of the plants, and if so, it's difficult to get the proper perspective on it. It looks like it is just finishing up this bulb, as it is sending out some roots. I'm looking forward to it though, it it looks like it will be quite the show.

October 30, 2016

Phal. equestris

   This is one of the plants I picked up from my society's meeting last month from the visitor of Forest View Gardens. Simple species, but it's a cross between the yellow lipped variety and the blue lipped variety, so I'm expecting magenta or pink.

October 29, 2016

Phal. NoIDs

   Now normally I don't pick up NoIDs, but the large standard was bought for me by my ex, and the miniature harlequin I picked up when my orchid fever was starting to get bad.

October 28, 2016

Phal. (Lyndon Lyric x tetraspis)

   Another from the 2015 AD haul. This Phal also did nothing for a while, but has made a new leaf, started a new leaf recently, and is making new roots. I did get three blooms out of it a while ago, but the spike has done nothing since then. Flower pics included!

October 27, 2016

C. (caulescens x pumila)

   Well, this is another that I received in the first batch AD 2015. It was connected in one piece, but it had grown in two separate ways, so I split it when I last repotted it. When I first got it, I had nothing besides sphagnum, so that's what it went into for a while. One of the leads actually had buds, but I wasn't watering it enough and they blasted. Now I have them in a mix of small bark, medium bark, medium charcoal, and sphagnum moss. The naming on this was a bit confusing, because it came as L. (mantiqueirae x pumila v. alba). I looked up the mantiqueirae, and I came up with Soph. mantiqueirae, which didn't match the parent in the images provided by the breeder. So I found out that since both Laelia and Sophronitis have been sunk into Cattleya, L. mantiqueirae became C. caulescens and Soph. mantiqueirae became C. mantiqueirae. Confusing, right?

October 26, 2016

Phalaenopsis Valentinii

   This is one from the first set of orchids, AD 2015. It arrived in bud, and it was a nice cherry red, but of course it had to drop. I've had it for a year, and while it's grown a new leaf, started a second, and is sending out multiple new roots, the spike has done squat. It hasn't even started a new spike, which I find quite offensive all in all. It even has a branch on it's one node that's done absolutely nothing, so this one has me glaring at it quite often. I don't know if it thinks it's spring now since I've moved it into my closet, but hopefully that brings with it new growth in the flower department.

October 25, 2016

Chapter Four: Depression and the Light

   Well, it's certainly been a long time since you've all had an update, and wow, it's almost been three years. A lot has gone on since then, like, a LOT. Shortly after my last post from January 2014, I moved out of my parents' place to live with my older brother. Then in the summer that same year, I moved in with my first ex. By the end of 2014, that relationship fell apart, and left me feeling really low. I moved into where I am now right afterwards, and just didn't have the energy to set up my stand and care for my plants. So, as one would assume, everything besides my one flask slowly withered away in the boxes I used to move them. Through 2015, I went along a personal journey to improve my mental health, and things have improved drastically since then. Then fall of 2015 rolled around, and I organised to have a friend in MontrĂ©al send me some plants from the local orchid show, I set them up in a fish tank in front of a south window in my room. And history flows from there. I'll have those pictures and the story leading up to where I am after the break.