November 16, 2016

My Phalaenopsis cross!

   And for something a little different, here are my Phalaenopsis seedlings! This is a cross that I pollinated between two Phals I had I think back in 2013. A member of my orchid society flasked it for me, and a long time later I got back the flask. Thankfully I didn't open it for a long time, because if I had opened it the previous time I was growing orchids, I would have lost every single seedling from this cross. Given that this is an unregistered cross between two relatively unknown parents, I'm pretty sure these are the only seedlings of this kind in the world, meaning I'll be able to register it once one has bloomed. I plan on naming it after my grandmother, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to present her with the certificate and an in-bloom plant, as she is on in her years. I bought a little plastic greenhouse that came with a Sunblaster T5, and I guess cause it upped the humidity these seedlings have really taken off.

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